Happy Birthday to my baby sister Laura 5-16

1234838_10200496836805483_268473502_nLaura is the youngest of my siblings and there is a Decade difference between She and I.

She is married to Josh Rice and has an adorable daughter Emma. they have recently purchased a cute house in Tooele and are busy making it into a home for their budding family.

Laura was the closest thing to a little brother that I had growing up. Not that she was a Tom-Boy or anything, she just like to watch me do all of the “boy” things. She would watch me play a video game for hours. I remember that when she was younger and I would get home from work or would wake up on saturday morning she would always ask me to play, she never wanted to play the game herself. Later in life she started playing these games. One day I got her started on World of Warcraft and before long she was better than me and would often come to my aid when I got to a part that was giving me trouble.

Laura is also a gifted artist and we would often find doodles and drawings all over the house. She also as a kid was adept at making large peeves of paper disappear into little tiny pieces of paper. This is something that my own daughter has picked up much to Kari’s dismay 😀

After high school Laura came to live with Kari and I and our video game sessions would start up again. Not to say that is all we would do be there were several night that the early morning hours would pass after a long stretch sitting at the computer, but during those times I got to know Laura more for the kind and sweet women that she is.

Some people I know give me there sympathy for being the only boy in a predominately female house hold but other than the occasional wait for the bathroom I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Happy Birthday little sister I hope it was a good one!!!



Nathan Briggs

Nathan Briggs

Nathan was born in Ogden, UT and has lived the majority of his life in the great state of Utah. He is a proud father of three, and the lucky husband of Kari Briggs. Nathan enjoys all thing outdoors, music, and spending time with his family. He currently works for a transportation company in Salt Lake City as the Director of Information Technologies.

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