Aria’s Pre-School Graduation


Aria Briggs – Preschool 2014

Thursday, May 23rd 2014 West Jordan, UT Leap Ahead Learning Graduation Program

Our little Aria takes one more step toward being our “Big Aria”. As some of you know she has spent the last two years in a Preschool near our home. Miss Janae is a Godsend even though Aria is a bright girl we have seen a difference in her focus and abilities. Aria will start Kindergarten in August and she is already excited to meet new people. Aria has a desire to make a new friend where ever we go. She is instantly drawn to all kids her age wherever we go.

She told Kari that she was starting to get nervous about starting school (in three months) and that she wants me to give her a blessing to help her. What a Darling.

The Preschool puts on two programs a year in a stake center close to our home. A Christmas program and a

Graduation Program. Miss Jenae does a fantastic job of including all of the kids and getting them involved with the presentation. The term “Herding Cats” comes to mind sometimes while watching the kids. They are all anxious to get to the microphone to recite the lines that they have been memorizing for weeks. She spends a lot of time preparing and making props for the kids to use. It is good to see the level of love and devotion that she gives to the kids.

This year was no different. Sneeches on Beaches, a message of acceptance for those that are different than you, and to accept the things that are different about yourself. This is a lesson that will be valuable to Aria now that she is moving on to Kindergarten. There will be those that are different than you and those that will judge you different than them.

Congratulations to our Big Girl and the others participating in the program today we hope that they all move on and succeed in their learning adventure.

Next year it will be Aria cheering on her little brother from the crowd.

For those that were unable to make it tonight I added the video of the program on YouTube.


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Nathan Briggs

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