All Hail Alex the Conquerer of the Potty!

With the upcoming arrival of our new little girl, and the fall school start time we are scrambling to get our little prince out of the world of Pampers and into the world of porcelain. This last week has brought us closer to full potty training for Alex. Although we still have an occasional accident he has successfully taken a “dry” nap and made it through a whole night without an issue. I came home to a bright and shiny face saying “Daddy!. I pooped in the potty and mom gave me a ring pop. Early this morning he woke Kari up to help him go on the potty. For such an occasion there are no groans and moans for either of us as it shows just how aware he is and how hard he is trying to get potty trained.

God has blessed this family with Kari, her patience is so very key to the success of this mission. I find myself a little irritated at the frequent trips to the bathroom right at bed time, but Kari just smiles and in her sweet loving way encourages him.

Aria is so helpful to him. So encouraging and she takes her role as the first born very seriously. I think that it helps that his success equals both of their rewards. We use a reward system for success. Small treats for No.1 and bigger rewards for N0.2. The small rewards are a salt water taffy, DumDum, or other treat, and the bigger reward consists of matchbox car, Pez dispenser or other inexpensive item. He is also excited to go to preschool in September and knows that he needs to be able to go to the Potty all by himself before he can.

Its a "Toy"let

Its a “Toy”let

I always dreaded potty training because of the mini toilets. I think that they are foul, No matter how diligently you clean them they always smell and stain. We have a fairly small bathroom so I am always kicking them and lift the lid to find a surprise deposit that the kids never mentioned. When company comes over we scramble to find a place to hide it, which usually means the back deck in the winter. I dont like the fact the they are designed by toy makers and they make them appealing to children so that kids want to play with them. I think we went through a case of Lysol wipes when Aria first tried. The stress on both her and her parents made the first attempt with her a fail. I believe that the kids don’t get the same sense of accomplishment and even are scared by them.



Live saver

Live saver

My Mom found us a full sized toilet seat with the small child sized seat that nests in the lid. It makes the kids feel more comfortable and anything that they do to emulate the adults seems to make them happy. This has also been apparent with other things as well. When Alex is with me while I fix something he wants to use my tools not the toy tool in the set that we got for him. They are smart they know what the real thing is. Aria did much better on this seat than the little princess one that we got for her

I enjoy seeing their little personalities come out in things like this, and I am amazed on how each experience is different. For some things Aria learned much easier or with less emotional response and in some things Alex was easier. We are often pleasantly surprised with the results of things that we were expecting to be hard for Alex and visa-versa.

I am excited about the other things that these three kids will learn and teach each other and the things that Kari and I will learn from them. This is the best part about being a parent, well other than the hugs and kisses. I know that Alex will continue to do well with it and we will be as excited as we were the first time as the 500th time he tells us that he went potty all by himself.

Here is to Hope that the new baby will not undo all of the work that he has done these last couple of weeks.



Nathan Briggs

Nathan Briggs

Nathan was born in Ogden, UT and has lived the majority of his life in the great state of Utah. He is a proud father of three, and the lucky husband of Kari Briggs. Nathan enjoys all thing outdoors, music, and spending time with his family. He currently works for a transportation company in Salt Lake City as the Director of Information Technologies.

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