BBQ Forever

As many of you know I love me some BBQ. There is something primal about it, from the time of the caveman and the fire pit to the several thousand dollar grills we can get now men have always loved to cook outdoors. If you are Hank Hill with your infatuation with propane or Steve […]

Reveal Party – Baby Girl Briggs 2014

Its a Girl!! With happy hearts we have revealed the sex of the latest addition to our growing family. Baby Girl Briggs is due September 17th 2014. We decided to have a get together with family and close friend to share our exciting news. Our little house was busting at the seams with scent of […]

Zucchini and Corn Recipe

One of my favorite ways to eat vegetable is on the grill, especially on a smoker. There are several vegetables that smoke will really complement. One of my favorites and most simple to make is Zucchini and Corn. Zucchini tends to get soft when cooked but really has a nice rich smoky flavor, adding corn […]

Happy Birthday to my sister Ellie 5-13

It becomes increasing clear to me how important families are to our growth as functioning human beings. We spend our childhood with other children who we both need, love and at the same time resent. Need in the fact that we have someone our own generation that understands our mindsets. Resentment because we are competing […]