Aria’s 5th Birthday Party

This year we decided to do something a little different for Aria’s Birthday, Kari planned a party with all of the neighborhood friends. They painted a birthday banner for aria. they decorated cupcakes they made a hand print card that aria can hang on the wall, and a princess fashion show. Kari did a great job and made it fun for all


Cupcake Station Maycee Birthday Card Cupcake Station Alex Cupcake Station Painting Wall Painting Wall Painting Wall She is 5 Cupcake Station Cupcake Station Cupcake Station Picture Wall
Cupcake Station


We usually do one big party and invite all of her friends over but we noticed last year that the kids were not included and that it became more of an adult BBQ. So Kari did a great job of making the kids feel special. It is something that I really love about her. She thinks about thing like that.

We still did the “adult” family party, which was more of a reward for Kari for the stress that the kiddie party gave her. We smoked a brisket, made baked beans, salad and lemonade, and everyone laughed and had a good time.


Tray of goodness
Tray of goodness
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Nathan Briggs

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