Introducing Marlena Marjorie Briggs

It is with a heart full of pure joy that I announce the birth of our newest child, Marlena Marjorie Briggs.

Marlena was born at 2:10 pm on Friday September 12th, 2014. She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 20″ long. Kari is sure that we have gone back in time and are looking at Aria again. It may be that she is wearing the same newborn clothes as Aria, and sitting in the same bouncer but I see it too.

Lena was due on September 17th but on a suggestion from Kari’s OB/GYN we decided to schedule her for an induction. Kari was besides herself. She loves the spontaneity and surprise of waiting for the turkey timer to pop, but for the health of the baby we decided that it was time to take her early. I really did not mind as I was pacing the halls waiting for her to be born.

We received a call at a quarter to six in the morning telling us to get to the hospital. With getting the kids up fed and loaded we made it to the hospital about 7:45. Once there they asked Kari to gown up and they started the pitocin.

Aria and Alex

Waiting Patiently

Right about noon they broke her water upped the pitocin level and the roller coaster took off. It was a strange ride for me. I had my other two little ones that were so excited to see their baby sister and wanting to be by their moms side that I spent the morning herding cats. Every checkup or measurement put us from the room and off to the “waiting” room. The kids were getting quite peeved.

Throughout the morning Kari was complaining about feeling pain on one half of her body. The nurses kept saying that this was normal and would shift her from one side to the other. Once the dilation and large contractions happened she was in a lot of pain and the anesthesiologist was called in to take a look. We thought that the epidural fell out but it ended up being a connection at the shoulder had come undone and was leaking the medicine all over her gown. So the connection was restored and more medicine was injected. He said that he would be back in ten minutes and give her more. The nurse said ” I don’t think so the baby is coming out now” Dr Hebert came into the room and Kari with her super power of birthing delivered the baby between two contractions.

Every time I witness it I realize how great of a blessing that it is. I am overwhelmed by what has happened. There has only been four times in my life that I have ever been that happy. My Wedding and the births of each of my children.

Mom and baby came through the experience with flying colors and both were thrilled to be skin to skin with each other relaxing from the exertion that they both had to endure. Not many things are as sweet as a mother with her newborn infant right after the birth. Even with a few fleck of afterbirth it is just beautiful.

When they ruptured her water they thought that they saw some meconium in the liquid. This means that the baby had a bowel movement before she was born and was worried that it would get in the lungs. Meconium is the blackish/greenish stuff that is in the bowels of a newborn and for any of you that have changed a newborns diaper you will know how sticky that stuff can be. The NICU nurse looked over the baby to see if there were any signs of labored breathing or contamination. She is just perfect!


They love their sister

After they moved her to her new room all the family members decided to leave her to her rest and give us some time with our new little addition. Aria and Alex went with Aunt Lori on an overnighter and we spent the evening staring at our precious little package. The last megadose of the epidural took a VERY long time to leave Kari and she spent the day walking with two nurses for a crutch when she needed to go to the bathroom.

Saturday Morning the Pediatrician came in and checked her out and said that he did not see anything to worry about that she was a healthy little girl. Lena of course was subjected (un-happily) to all of the poke and prods and other test that all little babies are expected to complete. Kari was steady enough on her feet that we were able to take a couple of walks around the floor, but generally she was in mama lioness mode. She could have heard an insect crawling across the floor with how in tune her senses were. I left the hospital for a couple of hours to go to a family reunion with my Dad, sister and a whole gaggle of kids. There were many surprised faces that I was there, but I thought that Kari could use a little sleep and I am sure that I was not helping her get any. The poor dear did not get much sleep and she is not one to take pain medications so I am sure that she was in pain, but she smiled and bore it all.  Alex and Aria were off to PaPa’s house for a campfire and sleep over. I was able to go and get the carseat installed and head back up to the hospital to see my new daughter and wife.  Saturday night I took down most of the bags and got us ready to have a relaxing Sunday Morning.

Sunday Morning we had breakfast and took turns holding and coo’ing at the baby. The hospital has a branch of the church that meets in one of the large rooms downstairs. We were so excited to be able to have the sacrament brought to us and to be able to have that ordinance performed for us. It made it the perfect day in the hospital.

I know that you will hear either a horror story or someone will tell you of their greatest experience at the hospital. I will have to say that we have the greatest doctors and nurses ever. All of our nurses did an awesome job and took a lot of time with Kari answering her questions and making sure that she was comfortable. I would recommend the IMC to anyone that is looking for a place to deliver their baby.

With any adventure there is nothing like the peace that you get when you gather all of the ducklings and head back to the homestead. I could tell that Kari was so happy to be home. The familiar smells, sounds, her bed, her kids, and everything that comes with the comforts of home.

Nathan Briggs

Nathan Briggs

Nathan was born in Ogden, UT and has lived the majority of his life in the great state of Utah. He is a proud father of three, and the lucky husband of Kari Briggs. Nathan enjoys all thing outdoors, music, and spending time with his family. He currently works for a transportation company in Salt Lake City as the Director of Information Technologies.

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