Ogden Utah Temple Tour

One of the great things about living in Utah is the ability to look out my back deck and see no fewer than 4 temples on a clear day. We are truly blessed that we are within public transit distance when many people around the world will need to get on a plane or long bus/car ride […]

Aria’s 5th Birthday Party

This year we decided to do something a little different for Aria’s Birthday, Kari planned a party with all of the neighborhood friends. They painted a birthday banner for aria. they decorated cupcakes they made a hand print card that aria can hang on the wall, and a princess fashion show. Kari did a great […]

Delicious and Easy Pulled Pork

When it comes to smoked meats one of the most popular with beginners is the Pork Shoulder. Shoulders are by far the easiest to get right due to their high fat content and even if you neglect the grill because you are being chased by a swarm of bee’s and overcook them (true story) they […]

All Hail Alex the Conquerer of the Potty!

With the upcoming arrival of our new little girl, and the fall school start time we are scrambling to get our little prince out of the world of Pampers and into the world of porcelain. This last week has brought us closer to full potty training for Alex. Although we still have an occasional accident […]

All Meat BBQ Marinade and Baste

One of the things that can make your BBQ differ from all of the others is the marinade and baste. A primal pit and grill can add smoke flavor to your meats. Salt and pepper is a great flavor on steaks and burgers, but when you smoke the rind or crust is what will add […]

In Memoriam

In lieu of flowers to the grave this year I will be instead speaking of the memories of those that have passed on and who’s presence is dearly missed. I have often reflected on the irony of flowers at the grave site. Although it brings a beauty to the solemn view of a grave yard, […]