Delicious and Easy Pulled Pork

When it comes to smoked meats one of the most popular with beginners is the Pork Shoulder. Shoulders are by far the easiest to get right due to their high fat content and even if you neglect the grill because you are being chased by a swarm of bee’s and overcook them (true story) they […]

All Meat BBQ Marinade and Baste

One of the things that can make your BBQ differ from all of the others is the marinade and baste. A primal pit and grill can add smoke flavor to your meats. Salt and pepper is a great flavor on steaks and burgers, but when you smoke the rind or crust is what will add […]

3-2-1 Pork Ribs

Now with all things smokey there are as many difference of opinions about ribs as there are discarded bones of the ribs that have been enjoyed. Most rib eaters will find a local Pitstop that have in their opinion the best ribs in town or have their own secret family recipe handed down from family […]

Bennett’s BBQ Sauce Recipe

Most of you know that 2/3 of my family worked for Bennett’s BBQ here in Salt Lake. I spend 4 years starting as a bartender and eventually to manager. The experience has done two things to me. First is that I now hate Country Western Music, and 2nd I love me some BBQ. After leaving […]

Zucchini and Corn Recipe

One of my favorite ways to eat vegetable is on the grill, especially on a smoker. There are several vegetables that smoke will really complement. One of my favorites and most simple to make is Zucchini and Corn. Zucchini tends to get soft when cooked but really has a nice rich smoky flavor, adding corn […]